Biggest UK Bookmakers for Secure Betting

Here are the short reviews of the best and well-known UK based bookmakers. If you already know these brands but would like discover biggest and established bookies visit this page.

Ladbrokes: Betting accepted since 1902

Not for nothing is Ladbrokes’ name “The Big Red”: in the British Isles, the red-colored betting shops of the bookmaker characterize the streets of many cities. His stationary foothold, from which he still generates over 70% (!) Of his turnover in the Internet age, also gave the bookie enough time to build up, as the year 1886 marked the birth of the betting provider.

However, the original business idea of the Ladbrokes founders, WH Schwind, and Mister Pennington, is not the betting acceptance, but the strategic training of horses on which they place bets on the racetrack. It was only in 1902, on the advice of Arthur Bendir, that the cooperation was given a new lease of life: the partnership turned the bookmaker “Ladbrokes”, based in the English capital London.

What follows are many years of work on the racecourses, with an elite clientele, the English nobility, as a target audience. It was not until 1956 that the next development step followed when Cyril Stein and Max Parker bought the bookmaker. The betting range is expanded, with the telephone reception and the opening of betting shops (from 1961) the sales expanded.

Already in 1967, the move to the London Stock Exchange and 31 years later, in 1998, the Sportsbook Ladbrokes is also available on the Internet. Horse betting, the first betting offer and original core business of the bookmaker, are still offered today. In terms of their size, as well as the so popular in the British and run by Ladbrokes social betting, clearly the historical background and the core market of the bookies.

This is how Ladbrokes presents itself today: Key facts about the size of the company. Significant sources of income are the own betting shops in England and the franchise business in Spain. Image and information source: Investor portal Ladbrokes group

However, they have long since been overrun by football and other sports, which are therefore not neglected even in Ladbrokes. Thus, the Bookie presents itself today with a mixture, namely the best, from both worlds: the old bookmaking tradition, strongly linked with England, and the modern betting interests.

But the most important thing that has survived from the origins of the bookmaker until today is the name. Ladbroke Hall, an estate of the English nobility, is the one from which WH Schwind and Mr. Pennington first operate, inspiring their future partner, Arthur Bendir, to name.

Strengths of Ladbrokes

One of the most serious betting companies ever

A varied betting offer, even off the beaten track football, tennis, etc.

Free bet as a new custom action instead of a first deposit bonus (often accompanied by restrictive revenue regulations)

Weaknesses of Ladbrokes

Unusual menu, but once you’ve seen through, you appreciate it

Average odds

All information about Ladbrokes › The bookmaker Ladbrokes in the sports betting test

BetVictor: The Gentlemen bookmaker

betvictorThe history of the betting provider BetVictor does not go that far back in time. It was originally founded in 1946 by Victor Chandler – but the bookmaker business is already in his cradle. His father, William Chandler, worked as a bookmaker at the English racetracks in the 1920s and opened the Walthamstow Stadium, a stadium for greyhound racing, in London in 1933.

While Victor’s brother takes over the stadium, Victor Chandler founds his betting company and gradually expanded with betting shops in the south of England. When he dies unexpectedly in 1974, his then 22-year-old son, Victor Chandler Jr., takes over the company, which is about to be ruined at the time.

Following the sale of numerous betting shops and a new strategy aimed at wealthy betting clients, he succeeds in refurbishing and establishes himself as “king of he high rollers” – a title that still shapes the betting company today. BetVictor is still a point of contact for betting customers with “deep pockets” as Bookie is known for accepting very high betting stakes compared to the competition.

It is also natural for Victor Chandler to personally take care of his most important customers. But he is also very personal with his remaining betting clientele, being present in commercials and on advertising jets. He maintains his reputation as a “gentleman bookmaker” – at least until 2014 when he resigns as managing director and sells his 55% stake in the company to his partner Michael Tabor, who becomes the sole owner. Chandler remains loyal to the company in an advisory capacity, yet it marks the end of an era and the end of a bookmaker dynasty.

Today, and outside of the UK, the character of BetVictor is far less “English” than it used to be. From the German-language Sportsbook, company and horse betting are as good as banished, only “exotics” such as hurling or Gaelic football still refer to their homeland. Overall, the bookmaker but is very broad.

Strengths of BetVictor

Extensive betting offer

A large program of special bets, for example in football (transfer bets, coach bets, etc.)

Waits regularly with attractive bonus promotions

Weaknesses of BetVictor

Less variety on the German edition of the betting site

Bet365: Bets as a family affair

A different way than Victor Chandler, who was always in the public, treads the face behind Bet365. “I really do not enjoy the attention. “The public side does not come naturally to me,” says Denise Coates to the Guardian (see Denise Coates: the hidden 24/7 woman behind Bet365 ), which founded the online company in 2000 in Stoke-on-Trent and continues to like before running the business together with her brother and co-owner John Coates.

Instead, leaving behind the scenes nothing to chance. “I’ve been bossy all my life. “For the start-up capital of her company, she is burdening her father’s betting shop chain with a loan worth 15 million pounds. The first time she works around the clock: “You start a 24/7 business and you work 24/7.”

The hard work pays off: Today, Bet365 is the largest provider of online gambling and online betting. This despite the fact that Coates has decided against the classic “growth strategies” of the industry. Instead of going public or moving operations into a tax haven, the company continues to operate from Stoke-on-Trent.

However, Denise Coates has now traded the rental office in a Portakabin building (note: Portakabin is England’s largest producer of “modular” modular buildings) for its own location in the commercial area. Around 80% of the almost 3,000 Bet365 employees work there, making the betting provider the city’s largest private employer.

Why is so popular with betting customers is revealed by a glance at the website: hardly any other supplier has such a comprehensive offer. In addition, the bookmaker works with a high payout key and regularly offers a Best quote.